Painting in Maui 2017





A recent  ‘ Plein air’ workshop held by John P. Lasater IV and Jason Sacran on the Hawaiian island of Maui was a timely learning curve and welcomed break for me.

Both tutors, whilst good humoured and easy going , worked tirelessly to convey some rather advanced painting principles, which for me at first were hard to grasp. However, persistance on their behalf began to pay off. Scraping off poor starts, loosing edges and refining compositions, among other things were the first of many revelations. (Thank you Jason) 

maui 1Finding ‘true’ colour in areas of a painting that at first don’t seem to be there (think greenish beige in shadow areas of a grey road). I couldn’t ‘see’ these colours, not until I  mixed and put these colours down did a new awareness dawn. (Thank you John)


Jason Sacran Demo

Practising these principles consciously will at first be difficult (because I am Stubborn) , However with persistence I’m hoping they will eventually find their way into my repertoire and be performed unconconsciously.

So with each days end I found myself at ‘Spanky’s Bar and Grille’ on the out skirts of the main drag for Baja-style fish tacos and ice cold beer (mmmm beer)

spankys-riptide-bar-lahaina-maui-hawaii-five spankys chilli barOn my last night at ‘Spanky’s, an unexpected dinner date arrived at my table (feet actually) and happily shared in the above mentioned fare. Sadly this little holiday romance soon came to an end as the plate became empty.

I departed and made my way down Lahaina’s ‘Front Street’ with it’s bustling bars and restaurants ….street lamps and fire torches gently illuminating the dark lapping waters off Maui’s western shore.

I’ll sure miss that ol girl.

restaurantDinner date