materials for Demo

Since my recent article for ‘Artist’s Palette’ magazine (see full article under ‘PRESS’ on this website) , I have had several emails regarding some of the gear I use and how to obtain them. So beneath the following ‘DEMO’ is a brief description .


First of all is the canvas bag I use for all my gear. When you paint outdoors often, as in daily or a few times a week, you really need to be organised and a good durable tear proof bag is the way to go. Everything you need should fit into the one bag, including your easel. Otherwise you will end up lugging around different little containers for this and that….which is a hassle to say the least, especially if you travel overseas ect.

I had mine hand made from tear proof trucking tarpoline at a canvas place to fit my french easel and a separate section in front that carries everything else. Also there is a piece sown on the back so a back pack frame can slide in (useful if you want climb through bush tracks and hills ect.) Otherwise I just use a flip out trolley and sit the bag on it and roll away. If you go and buy a cheap bag, eventually it will rip, fall apart ect. I’ve had mine for 25 years….it’s been rained on , bashed about, scraped against rocks and trees ect……even the baggage handlers at the airport have not managed to harm it, which by definition makes it indestructable.

img_3987Second , is my wet painting carrier, which I made myself. You can buy them ready made online…just google ‘wet panel carrier’ theres a bunch of different  options out there. I prefer a sturdy wooden one as opposed to the ones made of cardboard and corflute ect. because you will end up banging it around as you walk through bush tracks and such, so you don’t want something flimsy that will blow away or bend if you happen to lean (fall/trip) on it.


Then there is the clamp on umbrella. I use ‘’ it has a very strong and useable clamp system . I use it a lot ……you can’t always be in the shade when painting outdoors and I like to have my panel directly in front of what I’m painting. One word of caution … not leave your easel unattended when the umbrella is attached, because it can act like a sail….one little gust of wind and your whole set up can come crashing down. 

Anyway , these are just suggestions and tips I’ve gleened from other painters and some I’ve worked out through trial and error. Experiment with different things , eventually you will find a system that your happy with.