Covid and the lost art of vacilando

As another Sydney covid lockdown creeps ever so slowly into its eighth week. Tight restrictions as to where and why we can leave our home are likely to grind on for  another two months at best. The closure of social establishments such as cafes, restaurants and pubs, not to mention libraries, gyms,  ect. has left people listless and lethargic to say the least , stuck working at home if they are lucky enough to have kept their jobs.

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To escape the winter this year I went to Europe to embark on a river cruise from Passau, Germany to Budapest. The first stop was Paris.

Swing dancing at the ‘Place De La Republique’

As I was only away for a few weeks, I decided not to take the easel and treated the trip as pure reconnaissance. Apart from being a tad cliche, setting up the French easel on the streets of Paris would no doubt attract a few tourists and would have been rather distracting, as I am a Plein air painter and not a street performer, taking notes and doing small thumbnail sketches sufficed.

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As the year draws to a close I look forward to the summer holiday season and like most people, I guess, we may reflect on the ups and downs of the past year. The upside for me this year was a two month (June / July) working road trip across the States, with the main intention of participating in a painting workshop with the great figurative painter, Kim English.

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American painting road trip

The Advocate, Baton Rouge, Friday 10th October 2003
The Advocate, Baton Rouge, Friday 10th October 2003

In July 2003, I flew into the U.S.A for my first time, for a painting road trip across the States. On my arrival at LAX, I purchased an old ford from a smooth talking Hispanic used car salesman in Venice CA. I threw the easel and suitcase into the boot and headed off first to San Francisco. A few weeks and a few paintings later, it was back down along the West coast via Carmel and Big Sur to San Diego, painting a few seascapes along the way.

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